League Rules

Email all $125 buy-ins via PayPal to [email protected] I'll also accept Venmo to @derek-slabosz.

Prize Structure:

1st Place: $780
2nd Place: $475
3rd Place: $175
Weekly high point prize: $20

  1. Snake draft. The lobby opens 1 hour prior to the draft. No autodrafting is allowed.

  2. The top 7 teams make the playoffs based on overall record. The first tiebreaker will be points scored, the second tiebreaker will be head-to-head record.

  3. FAAB Waiver System. You get 1000 points to spend on free agency over the entire season. You can bid as much or as little as you’d like for each waiver claim. $0 is an acceptable bid. Inverse of the standings is the tiebreaker for FAAB bids.

  4. The trade deadline is November 20th at 3PM eastern time.

  5. All trades are league manager review.

  6. QB points is the tiebreaker for all regular season and playoff match-ups.

  7. Scoring, team structure, and all other rules can be viewed under league settings on the ESPN league page.

  8. Teams will be seeded for the playoffs similar to the NFL playoff format as shown below:

1st Round:  #2 vs #7. #3 vs #6. #4 vs #5. #1: First round bye.

2nd Round: #1 vs Worst Seed Remaining. #2 vs Best seed Remaining.

3rd Round: Superbowl.